Pioneering the Future of Real Estate Visualization and Franchising

Greg Drake, along with the founders of 360 Tour Designs, brought the company from its innovative beginnings in real estate photography to a flourishing franchise with a clear vision for the future. Together with Spadea Lignana, they’ve navigated the complex world of franchising, driving growth and setting new benchmarks in the industry.

Growth through Franchising

In 2009, 360 Tour Designs was born from a simple observation and a brilliant idea. Keith, with a network of realtor contacts, and Heath, a professional photographer, noticed the subpar quality of real estate photos. They envisioned a business that could transform how properties were showcased. This vision quickly positioned 360 Tour Designs at the forefront of the industry, pioneering professional real estate imagery.

From its inception, 360 Tour Designs distinguished itself by enhancing real estate listings with high-quality, professional images. Greg Drake, joining in 2014, recognized the potential for scalable growth through franchising. Greg’s strategic vision was clear: “My plan was to learn everything and then figure out the direction we wanted to go.” His dedication to making sure the company’s growth was based on a solid knowledge of its core operations and market potential led the company to explore franchising in 2017.

Navigating Challenges

The shift to franchising was officially launched in March 2019, just before the unforeseen challenges of COVID-19. This timing placed the company in a unique position to navigate the pandemic’s impact. “We basically became a franchise, then went through the rigorous process of negotiating and buying our third partner out…and boom, COVID hit us,” Greg recounts. The pandemic tested their resilience, pushing the team to adapt their marketing strategies and operations to survive and eventually thrive despite the global downturn.

The journey through COVID-19 was fraught with challenges, from adjusting marketing strategies to ensuring continuous support for franchisees. Yet, it also highlighted the strength and flexibility of the 360 Tour Designs model. Greg proudly notes, “We’re pretty proud of the seven franchises at this point…We kind of were fighting through COVID and through some other things just to get ahead of ourselves.”

Furthermore, the company’s success is bolstered by partnerships with several national accounts, securing deals with Coldwell Banker and Berkshire Hathaway, among others. These collaborations underscore the value and relevance of 360 Tour Designs’ services across the real estate industry and beyond.

The core value of 360 Tour Designs is a profound dedication to its franchisees, which is reflected in the company’s culture of responsiveness, accessibility, and comprehensive training. Greg Drake highlights the significance of partners who not only function within the designated framework but also utilize the resources at their disposal. Drake says,

“The most successful franchisees are those who effectively implement the system and make efficient use of the resources provided to them. We live by the culture that our franchisees are our greatest asset.”

This philosophy serves as the foundation for the organization’s growth strategy and dedication to cultivating robust, cooperative relationships with its franchisees, with a particular emphasis on partners who reciprocate the franchisor’s commitment to the pursuit of excellence and innovation.

Legal Support and Expertise

Drake highlights the complexity of franchising and the value of having seasoned legal advisors. “Franchising is complicated…You have to have highly qualified, highly professional, highly experienced help,” says Greg. The strategic evolution and expansion of 360 Tour Designs into franchising were supported by the guidance of Spadea Lignana, particularly through the invaluable contributions of Sandee Devine. Reflecting on her advice, Greg Drake highlights, “There is a unique setup here with this firm, and that is that they have someone in your seat who is skilled at leading processes and understanding franchises from a non-legal standpoint and instead from a franchisor’s standpoint, a business standpoint, and that really brings it all together.”

Sandee’s ability to navigate the complexities of franchising from a business-oriented perspective has been crucial. Greg Drake further acknowledges this by stating, “That’s the icing on the cake here because attorneys are there to make sure that we know what we’re doing legally, that we execute, execute, execute and don’t get in trouble. And that’s important, but there also needs to be the business aspect, the human aspect brought into it, and Sandee, that’s what you help align.”

This recognition underscores the depth of the partnership between 360 Tour Designs and Spadea Lignana, emphasizing the importance of having a team that not only provides legal support but also deeply understands the strategic and operational needs of a franchisor. Sandee Devine’s role highlights the firm’s commitment to offering comprehensive support that extends beyond traditional legal services, ensuring that their clients are equipped for success in the complex world of franchising.

Vision for the Future

360 Tour Designs has evolved to offer a broad spectrum of services, including HDR photography, 3D walkthroughs, aerial photos, and videos. Recognizing the upcoming shift in market demands, the company is also venturing into data collection, positioning itself as a leader not just in real estate imagery but in providing valuable data across various industries.

As 360 Tour Designs looks to the future, it remains dedicated to innovation, franchisee support, and strategic growth. The partnership with Spadea Lignana emphasizes the relationship between legal expertise and business innovation, setting the stage for continued growth. The journey of 360 Tour Designs from a pioneering startup to a thriving franchise system is a testament to the power of vision, collaboration, and the relentless pursuit of innovation.

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